my Lady of Dundee

Wie fang ichs an, wie bleib ich dran ....

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my Lady of Dundee

Beitrag von Aquinus »

Und hier kommt eines meiner liebsten englischen Texte. Sonst ist es bei mir ja eher deutsch und tiefschürfend.

My Lady of Dundee

For a moment it was real
I held your hand in mine
I never thought of feelings
like those I felt inside.

But then we had to leave
nothing will be the same
the rain kept falling down
and no one is to blame.

It was a short desire
a love that must not be
an uncomparable fire
the love of you and me

Chorus: You are the only love
the only love I had
you are my destiny
you are the only Love
that I have ever had
my Lady of Dundee